2024-04-07, 15:20 UTC
Training flights
All training flights have been modified. Under Windows 11 the output of the log file was inhibited due to a missing Desktop folder in the Windows user profile folder. The new logic reverts to the Windows user profile folder in case the Desktop folder is missing.
Thanks Tungsten for reporting!

2024-01-31, 09:53 UTC
Training flights
The description for Training flight M190-23-1 / Take-off has been modified. It now reads the following:
.) Autopilot SA-06: RC2.1 pages 86 to 87 (instead of 86 to 89)
.) Flight data unit: RC2.1 pages 88 to 91 (instead of pages 88)
The Quick Start Guide is now downloadable without registration. Thanks Jaccuru for reporting!

2023-12-01, 08:55 UTC
Training flights
Training flight M190-91 / Simulator Introduction has been modified. It is now interactive, you may use the communication menu for highlighting and finding all the panels.

2023-11-08, 11:20 UTC
Training flights
Training flight M190-91 / Simulator Introduction has been modified. The kneeboard page 21 is now better readable, especially in VR.

2023-11-05, 15:35 UTC
Training flights
Training flight 190-23-4 / Visual landing is now released.

2023-11-04, 18:50 UTC
Training flights
Currently, audio recording takes place for 190-23-4 / Landing, which is planned for November 5th.
Things are looking good to have it released soon!

2023-10-28, 16:15 UTC
Training flights
All currently released training flights have been updated with optimized RC2.1 pages. This should increase readability, especially for VR users.
Affected flights are:
  - M190-21-2 / Checklists
  - M190-23-1 / Take-off procedure
  - M190-23-21 / Normal flight - Pitch
  - M190-23-22 / Normal flight - Roll & Yaw
  - M190-23-3 / Normal flight - AFK
2023-10-28, 11:30 UTC
Training flights
The release of training flight 190-23-4 / Landing is planned for November 5th.
Please note that in flight M190-21-2 / Checklists the "Stores released indicator light" (FÄLLD LAST) does not illuminate when performing the LAMPTABLA TEST. This is caused by a bug in DCS.

2023-10-25, 22:30 UTC
Day 1: Wowww!
Viggen.training has finally gone online!
The first day went great, the servers are running, the user database is growing, so far everything is good! The feedback was consistently positive, so thanks for it (especially via Discord)!

2023-09-23, 12:00 UTC
Welcome fellow pilot!

Either as beginner or experienced "Viggen driver",
This is the right place for you!
Below, read about the project and what it is all about.
Find detailed information in the TRAINING OFFICE.
The current syllabus "2023" is running, and as of now we are keeping score!

Yours sincerely,

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The Viggen.training project

What is Viggen.training?

No matter if you start learning the AJS37 Viggen from scratch, or if you just want to improve yourself:
Viggen.training was created to help you in getting better!

It serves as a knowledge & training platform in a sense of a pilot type-training, initially with the focus on theoretical knowledge training. You have the chance to prove your knowledge by completing examinations, and underline your proficiency by receiving certificates. You may hand over these certificates to team leaders of virtual Viggen squadrons for a solid personal application, or just be very proud of what you have accomplished.
If you consent, your nickname and results are then published on the Eternal list of the best .
What you learn will be helpful in flying the best computer simulation of the AJS37 Viggen you can have today.

By purchasing the one or other examination, you provide important support for keeping things growing.

What is "Viggen.training" not?

Viggen.training doesn’t provide support in learning basic flying skills and is not a lead-in-jetfighter training. So you hopefully have already collected experience in flying jets (either in flightsims or in real life). If not, please start over using suitable learning material (e.g. ATPL e-Learning courses) and fly tutorial missions to get an understanding of jet flying before flying the Viggen. What you can do anytime & anywhere is carefully read the Viggen manual RC2.1 to a level where you know everything by heart :)

What you learn here may not necessarily help you in flying the real Viggen though...